Let face the reality! Refunds are always critical for any company. Since we are dealing digital services ascertaining the success or failure is always going to be subjective. Sometimes even after making diligent project management, results are delayed. In such case our buyers protection comes into play. We suggest to familiarize yourself with the policy and guidelines of our refund policy.

Refund Terms:

  1. All our clients are eligible to ask for refund for valid reason. The reasons might be delay in results, sub-par results, irregularities on billings, constant failure to produce project reports, sub-par communications or poor quality deliverables.
  2. We offer conditional refund when you have misjudged our services or a proper support is not extended from your end. MakeWebRank retains the full discretion to decide the refund amount based on the duration of campaign.

Timeframe to Process Refund:

  1. Once you file the refund our team reviews your case and finds the validity of your case in 48 hours of filing refund.
  2. Upon the validity is established we provide an option to take free service for a specific period. If you agree your subscription is cancelled and we work on new agreement.
  3. If you do not wish to continue with a free service option, your refund is processed in 48 hours. Generally it takes up to 2 weeks for a credit to appear in your account.
  4. In case you have chosen to proceed with a free service option our team works on your account till end of new contract period. If you are still not happy with the service your entire subscription is refunded.

If you review carefully we are providing you a risk-free campaign with MakeWebRank. If you have further questions let us know.